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Looking for something a little more unique?

Croquembouche is the perfect showstopper to wow your guests! The decorations on top can be as elegant or rustic as you like. We will design your croquembouche to fit the style of your wedding or event.

Traditionally, we fill our crisp, choux pastry with sweet, Vanilla Cream or Crème Pâtissière. Then, after coating each profiterole in caramel, we then stack them high to create a sophisticated design.


PLUS, we also do delicious Gluten Free Croquembouche & Cakes!


The croquembouche can be purchased as a standalone piece, or it can be placed on top of one of our bespoke cakes. There is also the option of choose individual cream puffs (not stacked high like the croquembouche). See 'sweet treats' for more info.

We offer stand alone croquembouche towers... 

And croquembouche atop our bespoke cakes...

*Photography by @harrietevansphotography*